Curriculum Vitae


Utah State University, Department of Watershed Sciences
M.S. Student in Fisheries Biology
Advisors: Drs. Janice Brahney and Jereme Gaeta
(Start Date: January 2018)

Montana State University, Department of Ecology
B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Ecology & Management
Advisor: Dr. Wyatt Cross
(August 2013 – May 2017: Highest Honors)

Scientific Experience

Native Species Fisheries Technician
Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks | Miles City, MT 
-Assist biologist with fisheries work including conducting boat electroshocking surveys, paddlefish creel surveys, radio telemetry, pond gill-netting, community outreach, etc.
(Summer 2017)

Freshwater Ecology Technician
Department of Ecology, Montana State University | Bozeman, MT
-Assist Ph.D. student with fieldwork and laboratory analysis on pallid sturgeon food web in the Yellowstone and upper Missouri Rivers. Also, conducted independent research project on the relation of macroinvertebrate diversity and river channel complexity.
-Assist M.S. student with initial implementation of project examining salmonfly emergence on the Madison and Gallatin Rivers. (Summer 2016)
(October 2014 – April 2017)

Fisheries Volunteer
Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks | Hamilton, MT
-Assisted with electroshocking surveys of Bitterroot River tributaries, mountain lake surveys in the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, and a snorkeling survey on Rock Creek (Ravalli County, Montana).

Summer Intern
Rocky Mountain Laboratories (National Institutes of Health) | Hamilton, MT
-Research: Induction of Cellular Membrane Rearrangement by a Tick-borne Flavivirus Protein NS4A
(Summer 2013)
-Research: Stability of Tick-Borne Flaviviruses in Goat Milk
(Summer 2014)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant
Department of Ecology, Montana State University | Bozeman, MT
-Lab instructor for introductory ecology course teaching research methods and scientific writing.
(Fall 2017)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bourret, S.L and N.G. Clancy. In prep. A multi-scale approach for analyzing illegal fish introductions in Montana. For submission to Fisheries.

Clancy, N.G. 2017. Can Amphibians Help Conserve Native Fish? Fisheries 42(4):327-331.

Offerdahl, D.K., N.G. Clancy, and M.E. Bloom. 2016. Stability of a tick-borne flavivirus in milk. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4(40).

Selected Presentations

Clancy, N.G. Didymo impacts on British Columbia fisheries: experimental design. Oral presentation to the Montana State University Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, Bozeman, MT, November 20, 2017.

Clancy, N.G. How I got into ecology. Oral presentation to the Montana State University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Bozeman, MT, October 17, 2017.

Clancy, N.G. Can amphibians help conserve native fish? Oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society, Missoula, MT, May 22-25, 2017.

Clancy, N.G., H.E. Anderson, and L.K. Albertson. Unique emergence of salmonflies on the Gallatin and Madison Rivers of Montana. Poster presentation at the Montana State University 2017 Student Research Celebration, Bozeman, MT, April 21, 2017.

Clancy, N.G., E.A. Scholl, and W.F. Cross. The effects of a large river impoundment on river channel complexity: implications for macroinvertebrate community structure. Poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science, Sacramento, CA, May 21-26, 2016.

Clancy, N.G., A.R. Litt, and W.F. Cross. Impacts of larval amphibians
on freshwater fisheries.
Poster presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society,
Helena, MT, February 16-19, 2016.

Clancy, N.G., D.K. Offerdahl, and M.E. Bloom. Stability of a tick-borne flavivirus in goat milk. Oral presentation at the RML SummerStudent Symposium, Hamilton, MT, August 13, 2014.

Awards and Grants

-Byron Weber Scholarship from the Bitterroot Audubon
-Silicon Valley Community Foundation Award from MSU Dept. of Ecology
-Wally McClure Scholarship from the MT Chapter of AFS
-MSU Undergrad Scholars Program Research Grant ($1,800)
-MSU Undergrad Scholars Program Research Grant w/ renewal ($3,600)
-Montana Academy of Sciences Research Grant
-Ravalli County Fish & Wildlife Association Scholarship

In The News

MSU researcher touts the potential of frogs and toads in restoring native fisheries. September 2017. MSU News Service.

MSU study links amphibians to better fish populations. September 2017. KBZK-CBS Bozeman.

Professional Affiliations

Member of the American Fisheries Society
(2015 – present)
–Continuing Education Committee: (2017 – present)
–Montana Chapter: (2015 – present)
–Montana State Student Subunit: (2014 – 2017, officer from 2015 – 2017)

Member of the Society for the Study of Amphibians & Reptiles
(2018 – present)

College of Letters & Science Student Ambassador, Montana State
(2016 – 2017)

Other Activities

In addition to my curricular and professional experiences, I enjoy a number of activities including angling, fly tying, backpacking, nordic skiing, writing, and being continually disappointed by the Atlanta Braves.