My name is Niall Gallagher Clancy. I’m a fifth-generation Montanan, born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley. In grade school, I formed a group to save worms on the playground during rainy days. I haven’t changed much since then.

I’ve been a student of biology my whole life, and 2021 marks my 10th anniversary employed in science. Today, I use the scientific method to protect and restore freshwater species and ecosystems. I also believe we must broaden our scope to include greater numbers of species than we currently conserve. If we do not, we risk the intricate ecosystems that support all species.

When not capturing fishes or bugs in the field or analyzing data on the computer, I can be found writing about nature, designing a logo for one of my projects, fly fishing, watching baseball, or listening to the latest Star Wars audiobook.

This website serves as the home for my various interests, namely Conservation Science and Science Communication. Maybe one day I’ll write a Star Wars book.