Beavers & Bull Trout

An emerging approach to stream restoration is to use structures such as woody debris jams, riparian vegetation, or beaver dams to kickstart the processes that allow a stream heal itself over time. This is “process-based restoration.”

I worked with Marshall Wolf (USU), Leo Rosenthal (MFWP), and the Bitter Root Water Forum to build local capacity to implement projects and determine if beaver dams could hinder Bull Trout movement:

Publications & Reports

Wolf, J.M., N.G. Clancy, and L.R. Rosenthal. PREPRINT. Bull Trout passage at beaver dams in two Montana streams. bioRxiv.

Lahr, A., and N. Clancy. 2022. Brook Trout interactions with beaver ponds and dams. University of Wyoming factsheet.

Clancy, N.G., and J.M. Wolf. 2022. A brief summary of beaver mimicry and streamflow. University of Wyoming factsheet.

Project Partners: Marshall Wolf , Andrea Price, Leo Rosenthal
Project Funders: Montana FWP (in-kind), BioMark (in-kind), Utah State University (in-kind), Bitter Root Water Forum (in-kind)