The Eastern Montana Stream Temperature Regression (EMonSTeR) is an expansion of the popular NorWeST stream temperature model produced by Dan Isaak and others at the U.S. Forest Service. It estimates mean August stream temperatures and predicts what they will be in the future. For NorWeST model methods, see Isaak et al. 2017

Eastern Montana Stream Temperature Map and Climate Projections

Data downloads:
Full size PDF
Shapefile for GIS (LINES)

Shapefile for GIS (POINTS)

Modelling methods: Dan Isaak, USFS –
Data usage help: Niall Clancy, Univ. of Wyoming –

Acknowledgements: Phaedra Budy, Sam Bourret, Matt Boyer, Christina Stuart, Cody Nagel, Jeremy Facer, Steve Dalbey, Caleb Bollman, and Bryce Hancock, Ron Spoon, Jason Mullen, Luke Holmquist, Pat Braaten, Sherry Wolrab and Gwynne Chandler.
Project Funders: National Science Foundation, U.S. Forest Service
EMonSTeR is component of the refugia app