Project Refugia

We’re diving head-first into the terrible uncontrolled experiment that is climate change. For fish and wildlife that are sensitive to changing temperatures, their ranges will shift or contract. I am using future projections for Montana streams to determine where temperatures will be suitable for aquatic species to survive. These areas are known as …


Predicting Future Temperatures for Prairie Streams

Prairie Fish Temperature Tolerances & Distributions

I am also in the process of completing fieldwork and reviewing reports to determine the temperature tolerances of many nongame prairie fish species (e.g. Northern Redbelly Dace, Flathead Chubs, Stonecats, etc) and to refine their distributions. Distributional refinement in the Powder River basin is the subject of a side project being led by Jon McFarland in collaboration with Annika Walters (University of Wyoming).

Torrent & Cedar Sculpin eDNA & Temperature Tolerance

An additional aspect of this project includes working with Mike Young of the National Genomics Center for Fish & Wildlife Conservation to develop eDNA tests to assess presence of Torrent Sculpin and Cedar Sculpin. I will use these tests in the field to help determine the temperature tolerances of these understudied species.

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