Where will temperature-sensitive species be able to persist in the face of climate change? In areas known as …

To determine where refugia will be located for aquatic species, I am developing an interactive web app for use by conservation organizations.

Continuing work will provide the data needed to update the app to include drought projections and above-barrier translocation opportunities.

Coming in 2022…

Coverage area for initial app release.

Project Partners: Dan Isaak (USFS), Mike Young (USFS), Phaedra Budy (USGS/Utah State University), and Annika Walters (USGS/University of Wyoming)
Project Funders: National Science Foundation, U.S. Forest Service, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative
Acknowledgements: Sam Bourret, Matt Boyer, Jon McFarland, Katie Vivian, Dan Frazer, Heidi Anderson, Christina Stuart, Cody Nagel, Jeremy Facer, Steve Dalbey, Caleb Bollman, and Bryce Hancock, Ron Spoon, Jason Mullen, Caleb Bollman, Luke Holmquist, Pat Braaten, Sherry Wolrab, Gwynne Chandler, Craig Barfoot, Brian Ertel, Mark Smith, Gordon Edwards, Ace Riverman, Chris Clancy, David Schmetterling, and Jim Dunnigan.