I conduct applied research to aid in the conservation of freshwater species. My goal is to prevent the decline of fishes, amphibians, invertebrates and other animals through the protection of existing populations and propagation of those likely at risk of extinction.

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Climate Adaptation for Freshwater Species

IMG_2645Climate change is already increasing stream temperatures. The conservation of species vulnerable to these changes is thus of immediate concern. I am working to delineate stream reaches that will serve as likely temperature refuges for a suite of aquatic species in Montana.


  • National Science Foundation
  • U.S. Forest Service


  • Matt Boyer & Sam Bourret (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)
  • Phaedra Budy (Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit)
  • Mike Young (National Genomics Center for Wildlife & Fish Conservation)

Prevention of Illegal Introductions

18839418_1515929271801891_4136226993042806956_oIllegally introduced fishes can substantially harm native species. With Sam Bourret of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, I am attempting to determine what factors lead certain waterbodies to be at higher risk of illegal introduction so that mitigation efforts can be more efficiently targeted.


  • Sam Bourret (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)

Application of Energy-flow Food Webs

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 12.14.54 AMEnergy-flow food webs are a developing tool for determining how management actions are or are not altering the amount of food consumed by fishes. I am working with collaborators to refine this tool and make it more usable in fisheries research. The data I collect to inform this project is part of my Master’s research on the effects of stream algae on fishes in the Kootenai River basin of Montana and British Columbia.


  • British Columbia Ministry of the Environment – BC Parks
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks – Libby Field Office
  • Utah State University Department of Watershed Sciences
  • Utah State University Ecology Center
  • Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit


  • Janice Brahney and Chuck Hawkins (Utah State University)
  • Phaedra Budy (Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit)
  • Jim Dunnigan (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)