The Whitefish Project

for understudied salmonids

Montana is home to two different species of native whitefish, the Mountain Whitefish, commonly seen in rivers and lakes across the state, and the Pygmy Whitefish, only found in a handful of deep, clear lakes in northwestern Montana. Both are extremely understudied. Recent disease outbreaks in Yellowstone River populations of Mountain Whitefish, and anecdotal evidence elsewhere, suggests that this species may be in decline. Pygmy Whitefish are so elusive that even their distribution within the state is not well described.

Pygmy Whitefish captured in Big Salmon Lake (Bob Marshall Wilderness) – August 2020

The Whitefish Project is a multi-facteted program of inquiry with the following goals:

Distell Fish Fatmeter
  • Use historical catch data to determine if there is an overall trend in catch-rates of Mountain Whitefish
  • Refine the distribution of Pygmy Whitefish in Montana and determine their habitat requirements
  • Develop whitefish calibrations for the Distell fatmeter- a handheld tool that can measure a fish’s body fat content

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