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Outside Bozeman

Cast of Characters: a rundown of Bozeman-area anglers
Mighty Whitey: in defense of trashfish
Charismatic Microfauna: Yellowstone’s case for microbial preservation
Casting a Frozen Line: the difficulties of fishing in winter

Montana Outdoors

Species Portrait: Sturgeon Chub
Species Portrait: Red Squirrel

AFS Newsletters

The Greenfront (Montana Chapter)
Montana Fishes Have New Scientific Names (Montana Chapter)
Planting Willows, Saving Fish (Western Division)
A Yellowstone Elegy (Western Division)
The Fish Formerly Known as Mountain Sucker (Montana Chapter)


Do Fish Mind Snotty Rivers? (British Columbia Parks)
Against Beautiful Views (Prairie Populist)
Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (Salt Lake Tribune, Bitterroot Star)
A New Law for the Millennial Generation (Montana Wildlife)
Environmentalists Need to Use the Facts (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
Science Should Be About the Facts, Not Politics (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)